Strike Fortress, EA

Music Composer/ Sound Designer/ Audio Engineer: Sophie Lu

The Electronic Arts Office of the Chief Creative Officer has tasked us with creating a game using WebGL that will redefine the expectations of browser-based gaming. WebGL is an exciting new software library that expands Javascript to generate interactive 3D graphics and"3D audio" in web browsers without cumbersome plugins.



  • 3D position- all the sounds were coded to show real time 3D surround feature.
  • Sound group- Each sound effect, having a variety of sounds, is played randomly in the game making it more natural and non-repetitive.





13 layers mix into 7 tracks:

 1. cello                  1. "no_score"                           0-0
2. bigHat               2. "first_score"                      1-0, 0-1
3. string pizz         3. "return_score"               Both team > 0
4. hat                     4. "wide_lead"                   If point diff > 25%
5. vocal a              5. "even_battle"                 If point diff < 25%
6. vocal b              6. "finale"                              3:53(time)
7. vocal c               7. "countdown"                   4:50(time)
8. distortionBeat
9. metalHeat
10. airBeat
11. mainRythmic
12. robotSinging
13. guitar