Strike Fortress (EA)
Sponsored by EA Office of Creative Chief Office
Audio Artist/ Audio Engineer- Sophie Lu

Press & Buzz:
The New Yrok Times: E.A. and Google Got Game

The Verge: EA's HTML5 'Strike Fortress' aims to take browser gaming to the next level

Google I/O: GRITS: PvP Gaming with HTML5

The Electronic Arts Office of the Chief Creative Officer has tasked us with creating a game using WebGL that will redefine the expectations of browser-based gaming. WebGL is an exciting new software library that expands Javascript to generate interactive 3D graphics and "3D audio" in web browsers without cumbersome plugins.
The game we’re making is a tower offense game, based on original EA IP. The game will feature fast paced multiplayer battles, different character classes with distinct weapons and abilities that can be upgraded, and a customizable battle kit of units that the player can summon to help them win the day.

Sound Design
► 3D position- all the sounds were coded to show real time 3D surround feature.
► Sound group- Each sound effect, having a variety of sounds, is played randomly in the game making it more natural and non-repetitive.
Robot Mech Turning Group by Sophie Lu

Laser Gun Group by Sophie Lu

13 layers mix into 7 tracks:                  (game scoring logic)
1. cello                    1. "no_score"                           0-0
2. bigHat                 2. "first_score"                      1-0, 0-1
3.string pizz            3. "return_score"               Both team > 0
4. hat                        4. "wide_lead"                   If point diff > 25%
5. vocal a                 5. "even_battle"                 If point diff < 25%
6. vocal b                 6. "finale"                              3:53(time)
7. vocal c                  7. "countdown"                   4:50(time)
8. distortionBeat
9. metalHeat
10. airBeat
11. mainRythmic
12. robotSinging
13. guitar
Soundtracks of Mech Command by Sophie Lu